Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Compare and Contrast Your 2 Drawing and the Experience You Had

I enjoyed drawing both the bycical drawing and the candy jar drawing. Both of my drawings were challenging and started to look better as the process went on. For the candy jar drawing I really liked how you mix colored pencils to get a richer value. For the bycical drawing I really like how you could erase, shade darker or shade light to create value. What I didn't like about the candy jar drawing was trying to get the candy to look like it was actually in the jar. You needed to use the highlights that were on the real jar to make the candy look like it was actually in the jar. I needed to shade the white highlights a few times to darken them and actually make them look like highlights. What I didn't like about the bike drawing was the start of the drawing. It was hard to create the form of the bike. It was also hard to make the wheels exact circles. After the start and making the form of the bike, the drawing became fun. Both of these drawings were really fun to draw. 

Candy Jar- Colored Pencil

The candy jar was also a challenging process. I thought it was tuff to make the candy look like it was in a jar. You really needed to bring out the highlights on the jar to make the candy look like it was in the jar. I liked drawing the candy itself and I thought it was fun. I also liked how you could mix two different colored pencils to darken a color. 

Bicycle-Graphite Pencil

This was my first time really drawing a bicycle and I enjoyed the process. The bicycle drawing was challenging but at the same time a lot of fun. I really enjoyed watching my bicycle grow over the time I drew it. This was also my first time ever shading a drawing. I liked how you could show value of different types of metals. You could make the darker metals look different from the lighter metals.