Wednesday, June 11, 2014

End of the Year Reflection Post

This was my first year in the Haddon Township creative arts class. Over the year I have improved in making art. I have learned so much from this art class. I have learned how to make value in both color pencil and pencil drawings. This class has helped me to become more creative with my artwork. I have learned so many different techniques on how to make art throughout the year. Starting with our original book pages and ending with putting our books together. My favorite project throughout the year was the totem pole project. I enjoyed making art out of clay and then finalizing the artwork with colored glaze. I learned how to improve my artwork on every project that we did. Learning these improvements will help me in the future with my art. I really enjoyed working on different projects over the year and learning how to create these projects. Creative arts class has taught me a lot and will help me improve my artwork. 

Time Capsule

The items in my time capsule represent who I am. I included a page from a magazine that I look through often. I also included items that had to do with running. I did this because I enjoy running and want to look back on the memories that these items have. A letter is another thing that I put in my time capsule. I talked about my freshman year in this letter so I could look back on the great year I had when I open this box. On the outside of my time capsule I have drawings that represent who I am. One of these drawings is of a beach because I really enjoy the summer at the beach. Another drawing on my time capsule is of two runners. I drew these runners on my time capsule because I am a runner. 

Thursday, March 20, 2014

Story Pole

Summer training in Ocean City, N.J. is a lot of fun. I enjoy running in the hot summer sun and down the shore. Running and seeing the sun set is really enjoyable. I can finish my runs and jump into the ocean. I run on the beach, over the bridge, and on the boardwalk. Ocean City makes summer training a lot of fun. 

After the many miles during summer training, cross country season arrives. We race through nature and get to see nice seenery. Running through the woods on paths is why I like cross country. Different races bring different places to view and to run. I enjoy running on new courses and running through parts of nature that I have never seen before. 

Winning a race as a team or an individual is a really fun part of cross country. This past cross country season our team won the South Jersey Group 1 Championship and the New Jersey Group 1 State Championship. Winning both of these races was a lot of fun. Our team received a trophy and the individuals received medals. I really enjoyed this cross country season. 

Friday, January 24, 2014

Pop Print

I enjoyed the process of the pop print art project. First we had to bring in a blue object and my object was a pack of Collgate Wisp. We then we're given a rectangular piece of rubber and made stamps based on the object we brought in. I really liked carving the box of Wisp and giving it the design it has on the stamp. When I completed my stamp I then used the stamp on a rectangular piece of paper to complete the project. I stamped the print in light blue three times vertically and then two times horizontally. When the prints we dry I used red sharpie to color inside of the Wisp box. To finalize the project I colored the perimeter of the Wisp box with green sharpie. 

Thursday, January 23, 2014

Fortune Cookie Inspired Book Page

Our class started the fortune cookie inspired book page project by opening 7 fortune cookies. We had the opportunity to choose which fortune we liked the most. I read through all my fortunes and found one that inspired me. The fortune was "The philosophy of one century is common sense for the next." This quote inspired me because I thought about all the new and improved things we have made based on the original ones made before us. With this project I also used the newspaper background. On this collage I used the words future and past to describe the fortune that I had choose. First I drew an old time telophone and the drew a cell phone that we use today. I also drew an old time radio and a radio that we use today. I did this because it shows how much our iventions have improved over time. 

Art x 3

Throughout the art x 3 project I had expierienced three different pieces of art. I think my best piece of art was definitely my last collage. Our goal was to make a collage of celebrities. The celebrity topic of my collage was sport celebrities. I started my final piece of art with a newspaper background. I really like the way it looks behind the rest of the collage. Next I cut out athletes that play different sports and glued them over top of the newspaper. I also added the words sports and fame to add to the topic of athlete celebrities. I finalized the art x 3 project by painting the white outline with a light blue paint. I really like how my final collage turned out.