Thursday, March 20, 2014

Story Pole

Summer training in Ocean City, N.J. is a lot of fun. I enjoy running in the hot summer sun and down the shore. Running and seeing the sun set is really enjoyable. I can finish my runs and jump into the ocean. I run on the beach, over the bridge, and on the boardwalk. Ocean City makes summer training a lot of fun. 

After the many miles during summer training, cross country season arrives. We race through nature and get to see nice seenery. Running through the woods on paths is why I like cross country. Different races bring different places to view and to run. I enjoy running on new courses and running through parts of nature that I have never seen before. 

Winning a race as a team or an individual is a really fun part of cross country. This past cross country season our team won the South Jersey Group 1 Championship and the New Jersey Group 1 State Championship. Winning both of these races was a lot of fun. Our team received a trophy and the individuals received medals. I really enjoyed this cross country season. 

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